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Our Tribe The Originals

Every bag has a story – When we started Millican it wasn’t just Millican Dalton himself who inspired us, we found a community of local heroes who we admire, it was only fitting to name our entire Originals Collection after them. From Peter to Mark, Dave and Harry each of them follow their own original path.

Introducing the Originals


When Peter’s not paragliding, skiing or cycling across Mexico raising funds for charity, he’s helping people get healthy so they can do the same. He’s a GP in Keswick.


When he’s not perfecting his moves on an E1 up the fells, Andy’s inside somewhere showing off his mean salsa moves. On the dance floor, he’s the centre of attention for one reason or another. Why? He’s incredibly tall and he’s in charge of the music. Call him “DJ Big Andy” if you want to.


Next time you’re in Keswick stay with Les. He runs a B&B in town and may even take you out for a hike or cycle across the land his family has farmed for generations.


What if boredom was officially outlawed? Harry would be the one to do it. Harry’s always on the go. And excitement is never far behind. He often has one foot in London at work or a gig and the other up the fells. When it’s time to play, he’ll be the one organising a hike or a party for all his mates.


Stewart and a group of lads and dogs get up early every Saturday to walk the fells. Walking, cycling, running in the annual local triathlon, he’s always on the move. Why? For the banter. And sometimes for charity.


For Dave, life begins when he steps outside each morning. Accompanied by his sidekicks Rob and Bess, he roams around the farm all day looking after sheep and cattle. If he’s not there, he’ll be roaming around a football pitch wishing he was 18 again.


Living and working in London as a designer, Matt is the only non-local rogue in the group. He’s got a keen sense for clean design and he loves keeping it lo-fi – writing in notebooks, chilling at festivals, exploring distant shores. All the stuff we like doing actually.


Author of Millican Dalton’s inspiring biography, Matthew truly lives his passion for all things outdoors, just like Millican himself. His pack and bedroll are by his side wherever he roams, from Borrowdale to Kakadu.


As a peripatetic music teacher, Stephen’s dedication to music, teaching and fell-running is legendary throughout Cumbria. Peripatetic (“walking about or travelling from place to place”) is therefore rather apt for Stephen.


Joe farms Herdwick sheep at Yew Tree Farm in Borrowdale, a stone’s throw away from Millican Dalton’s cave. Herdwicks mature slowly and require patience, dedication and intuitive skills. Joe’s got all this and much more – Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsay and Gilpin Lodge agree.

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