Our Tribe | Sim Warren

Our Tribe Sim Warren

Viewing life from behind the lens, Sim’s films explore the incidental moments in life – the small details that go unnoticed as we busy through our lives – and turns them into life-affirming narratives, played out through beautiful visual stories. Sim has worked on several films with Millican, he’s a key part of our storytelling journey. | @simwarren

Location: Brighton, England

What does independence mean to you?

Independence to me is a very singular feeling. Everyone has their own interpretation of this but to me, it's about being free to do as I feel. Free from influence, free from opinions, free from pressure and free from constraints. I guess I'm always searching for independence through everything I do - my work, rollerblading, climbing or family life. 

What does travel mean to you?

Travel to me is the vehicle I use to learn most about myself and others around me. I love finding out about new things but being a visual person I can sometimes struggle to absorb knowledge unless I'm doing.

Travel widens my thoughts and ideas and exposes me to new things. It's the most visceral way for me to learn and there's nothing else like it!

The Foundations from Millican on Vimeo.

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