Our Tribe | Naresh Kumar

Our Tribe Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar has changed the way we understand the term 'human-powered' travel. Not only has he independently toured large parts of the globe by foot and by bike but he has used his passion for adventure to connect communities and raise awareness for organisations close to his heart. He travels his own path, but allows everyone along for the ride. | @iamarunr

Location: New Zealand 

What does your independence mean to you?

I like to go solo which forces me to make myself vulnerable, adaptable and open for experiences. To be present and alive and stay curious. Having the freedom to choose my own path without being answerable to anyone. To step into the uncertainty of not knowing where the path may lead you and who you are going to meet along the way. 

What does your travel mean to you?

I am an ultra-traveller at heart and I like to go the distance, human powered. The purest way of travel.  Live small, adventure lots. Making yourself vulnerable is the key to human interaction and the relationship you forge along the way lets you experience human kindness and makes you live for something bigger than yourself. With just my legs and bike to carry me on the open road, the people I’ve met along the way have helped me to learn that life is much more than you.

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