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Our Tribe Miscellaneous Adventures

In the Sussex countryside live Andrew, Emma and Benji Groves. With a deep appreciation for the natural world, brought to life through their creativity and independent thinking, their project Miscellaneous Adventures celebrates the connection to your surroundings. | @misc_adventures

Location: Sussex, England

What does your creativity mean to you?

For us creativity is about perceiving the world in new ways and producing work or products that reflect the way we respond to our experiences. We particularly focus on the great outdoors and natural phenomenon and viewing these aspects of life creatively encourages us to look deeper into the way things work and consider connections that those who study these subjects from a purely academic or practical point of view might overlook. It is the driving force behind everything we do, has shaped how we look at the world around us and is what keeps us excited and always seeking new challenges and adventures.

What does connection mean to you?

Connection for us means considering the complex relationships that bind everything together in the universe. It is thinking about how one action can trigger another and how all of us have the responsibility to consider the potential outcomes of our behaviour. Through living alongside nature for a number of years in our woodland home, we have been fortunate to of witnessed the interspecific connections and interactions that take place seasonally and daily, discovered how our own actions impact the woodland ecology and learned to see ourselves as part of nature rather than something that exists above our outside of it. In our work we like to make sure that all our interests are connected too and that everything feeds back into itself in some way or another; nature and outdoor living into creativity and creativity into nature and outdoor living.

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