Our Tribe | Martin Erd

Our Tribe Martin Erd

Travelling the world with a camera as his passport, Martin uses photography to connect to people and place. His quest to capture moments of connection between a human and their surroundings makes his work what it is.

Location: Munich, Germany 

What does independence mean to you?

To have independence in both life and work was one of my main goals when starting my career as a photographer. It gives me the freedom to decide how to develop my style as and when I choose and allows me to use 'trial and error', with little fear of the 'error', evolving my skills in the direction I'm striving for at the time.

To me, independence means being able to choose from the full spectrum life has to offer.

What does travel mean to you?

Traveling is an essential source of inspiration in my professional life as well as an important balance factor in my private life. No matter how I am traveling and where I am traveling to, no matter if it´s a short trip or a longer journey, no matter if I am on my own, with colleagues, friends or my family – I enjoy to be on the way, to experience nature, different cultures and to meet people from all over the world. All of these influences evolve my professional level and my mind with every single travel.

This sounds very simple and yet it is the most important privilege in life.

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