Our Tribe | Jim Marsden

Our Tribe Jim Marsden

Jim has an infectious enthusiasm for photography. His love of the analogue camera and the detail in the process, makes for beautiful and contemporary imagery. His creative mind and dedication to his craft make Jim truly unique. He has a subtle ability to breath life into the most incidental moments. | @jimmarsdenphotography

Location: Lancashire, England

What does your independence mean to you?

Space and freedom. In my work it allows me the space to figure out what I want to do and the freedom to find the people I really want to work with.

What does craft mean to you?

I think it’s the thing that you do, that you put yourself into and make distinctly yours. Whether it’s painting, illustration, wood turning, photography; you practise and refine and think about it and make it yours.

What does travel mean to you

Travel is inspiration and a chance to alter your perspective and to learn.

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