Our Tribe | James Bowden

Our TribeJames Bowden

Travel creates connections, something James knows about, his photography has connected him to a deeper experience of the world. Through his camera he is able to bring us along for the journey. | @jamesbowdown

Location: Cornwall, England

What does your independence mean to you?

Independence means a lot to me, it means freedom and it means opportunity. Independence and following your own path has allowed me to take those opportunities when they arise and the freedom to follow them. Who knows where life will take you, I love the thought of being surprised by it.

What does your travel mean to you?

Travel has taught me more than I ever learnt in School. Travel has opened my mind to the world and how beautiful it is. The people you meet and the relationships you form are something I’ll cherish forever. To me it's the best thing in the world you can do.