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Our TribeEmil Eklöv

Emil is a true Maverick in many ways, armed with his ukulele, a curious mind and enthusiasm that infects everyone he meets, he embodies the true spirit of freedom. From his home of Jamtland, Sweden, Emil teaches others about the world around them, connecting to nature, the planet and each other. His open and honest way of life has allowed for him to collect stories and knowledge that he's always willing to share.

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Location: Are, Sweden

What does travel mean to you?

Theres two ways to travel: the first requires a curious heart, skills and some gear to rely on – this is the kind of travel that enlivens my senses and let me stay in the moment. The other kind is in my fantasy catalyzed by dreams and stories. That's the one that opens the door to the first one.

What does independence mean to you?

I believe that all beings live in symbiosis which leaves little left for independence. But the freedom of choosing our own paths regardless of what others might say. That to me is independence.