Our Tribe | Anki Grøthe

Our Tribe Anki Grøthe

Deep in the Norwegian Mountains lives Anki Grothe, with her Husky (lofi), and an infectious sense of curiosity. Behind the lens, Anki has an un-canny way of capturing the moments that unfold on a journey. She lives the stories she shoots, and never taming her creativity and enthusiasm for adventure. | @ankigrothe

Location: Hemsedal, Norway

What does your creativity mean to you?

My head never stops spinning. It's crazy actually. That’s why I love creativity, because I can sit down and be creative, or creativity comes to me wherever, whenever. I somehow always visualise the future. That’s how a lot of my ideas come just from thinking about random stuff then “BOOM!" there is something new and interesting. I visualise myself doing something then I do the process backwards. I think to myself, “what did I do to get there?" – It feels surreal to put this into words. Then you have the actual making of a picture or a story and an idea. That’s when I freak out completely. I am totally depended on sharing what I’m doing with my friends, colleagues. They help me to stay on track, and believing in myself.

What does travel mean to you?

I love to explore, my sight gets wider and I’m more present. It’s like every night I walk my dog, most days I just want to get it over with and jump in to bed. But that same little hike is a small adventure, if I want it to be. I walk outside with my mind on what is around me. Almost every time I see a shooting star, or if I’m lucky the Northern Lights – nature's magic! It's a different way to live – to be wide eyed. Travel is like that to me. I live for the adventure and the surprises nature has in-store for me. I am collecting moments around every corner, the small shifts in weather, the people you meet and new friend you make. They will stay with me forever and that's how I feel rich.

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