Our Materials | Repair Guide

Our Materials Repair Guide

Our bags are made to last. We check them thoroughly during and after production to make sure they meet our high standards, but it may be possible that you spot something that we missed. If your bag has any defects or damage then please let us know. We’ll review the defect or damage and will offer you a refund, exchange or repair the item – it’s your choice.

We can also help to repair damage that happens as a result of excessive wear and tear. As every adventurer knows, accidents can happen. If your bag has seen better days then we can assess the damage and advise you on possible repair options.

If you would like us to take a look, please call us on

0845 653 2060 (UK) or +44 (0)1768 778 778 (international) or email us on

A good repair job can make a huge difference in extending the life of your bag, so we’ll check with Vera here at Millican HQ and with our production partners to see if a repair is possible and if so, at what cost.

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