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Our Materials Natural - Leather

We use different types of leather and finishes, depending on its intended end-use. All our leather has one thing in common – it’s carefully selected for its high quality.

Originals Collection

The leather we use for our Originals Collection comes from a respected tannery close to where our bags are made in Southern China. The leather is crafted from cowhide, which arrives at the tannery as a wet-blue leather. We then use a dye concentration of 100% vegetable tannins to achieve a deep, rich colour that gets better with age.

Maverick Collection

Our Maverick Collection is designed to withstand our local weather conditions in the Lake District, so we use cowhide leather backed with a protective resin coating to increase its strength and durability.

To achieve the best results, we drum-dye the hide and allow the colour to saturate across the hide. We then finish the leather with a custom pigment spray-dye for extra protection. We never use synthetic azo dyes.

Blank Canvas Project

We use strong Italian leather for our Blank Canvas projects. This is cowhide leather straight from Italy that has been dyed with a pigment spray for increased strength and durability. We never use synthetic azo dyes.

Crafted By Collection

For our Wainwright Pack and Botanist Forager Bag, we use a premium cow leather, sourced in Italy and finished in the UK using natural vegetable tannins, oils and wax. This method of packing the face and backside of the leather with oils and waxes makes it much tougher and more durable for wet weather. The oils also create a deep, rich colour and a supple feel that improves over time.

We then de-boss the leather with a custom AW x M marking – because artists always sign their work.  


Our Moleskine covers are made from vegetable-tanned British bridle leather. This is a technique that involves completely soaking the hides in a bath of vegetable-based extracts like leaves, bark, nuts and other natural materials that release tannins.

We repeat the process several times and gradually increase the strength of the mixture. This process means the tannins have a chance to slowly penetrate the fibres of the hide until they create what we know as vegetable-tanned leather.

The leather used for our accessories comes from the only surviving oak bark tannery in Britain, J&FJ Baker in Devon. They use natural river water and oak from renewable sources to skilfully preserve the natural weave of the fibres. It takes them three months to prepare a hide – and trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Future Developments

Sustainability is an ongoing process of learning and innovating. That’s why we’re currently testing a range of vegan and alternative leathers that live up to our high standards. The suppliers we are working with are pioneers in sustainable material engineering and use bio-materials with the lowest possible environmental impact. It’s early days, but we expect to make this a reality within the next few seasons.

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