Our Materials | Natural – Lakeland Wool

Our Materials Natural – Lakeland Wool

Herdwick sheep are unique to the Lake District. Hardy as anything, they live on the fells through the toughest of winters. Born and raised on the same patch of land they’ll spend all their lives on. You can’t get more local than that. They’re also rather good looking, as far as sheep go.

Our Lakeland wool comes from neighbouring Yew Tree Farm in the heart of Borrowdale Valley, near the foot of Millican Dalton’s cave. Their Herdwicks are renowned in the Lake District for producing some of the best wool around.

The Process

As soon as the Herdwicks have been relieved of their coat, we send the wool to The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall to take care of the carding and scouring - cleaning the wool and neutralising any odours, before it’s returned to the Lake District.

This is where Vera comes in, our Dame of Sewing. A very skilled local maker, she quilts the layers of wool in between fine cotton muslin before inserting the insulation and hand-finishing our cooler bags and protective travel accessories.

Local wool, put to good use.

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