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Our Design PhilosophyThe Originals Collection

Archetypes, Innovated
Great design stands the test of time. Our Originals Collection is about innovating classic designs with modern functionality for everyday travellers and creative minds. Made using weatherproof organic cotton canvas, vegetable-tanned leather, local Herdwick wool and expert craftsmanship – they’re designed to last a lifetime.

Organic Cotton

The choice of making our first collection with 100% organic cotton canvas was a no-brainer.

Organic cotton is more self-sufficient than regular cotton. It requires less pesticides, insecticides and water to grow. This is because of crop rotation and the use of mainly composted fertilisers, which provide more nutrients to the soil and allow nature to take care of any pests, weeds and diseases naturally.

But there’s another reason we like it.

In cotton growing regions, organic cotton can also be a catalyst for social change. It’s much healthier for the farmers to handle and delivers a premium to their families, creating a better standard of living.

Finding high quality organic cotton, durable enough for us to use in a 20oz canvas, was a challenge. After 6 months of research and testing, we found what we were looking for at a specialist supplier in North-East China – high quality, IMO certified, 100% organic cotton fibres spun into organic yarns for our 20oz organic cotton outer fabrics and 7oz organic brushed cotton lining.


Each of our Originals has a feature set unique to its purpose. We’ve tried and tested the bags and included what any modern traveller would need, from side openings, easy access front pockets, rain covers, multiple external and internal pockets – all inspired by the silhouettes of old.


we found a community of local hero’s who we admire, it was only fitting to name our entire Originals Collection after them. From Peter to Mark, Dave and Harry each of them follow their own original path.