Our Design Philosophy | The Maverick Collection

Our Design Philosophy The Maverick Collection

Use Less, Be More
Our Maverick Collection is designed for taking the path less travelled. Lightweight and minimal, these bags are created to help you travel further and for longer. Made from only a few panels of weatherproof Bionic® Canvas, their strength is in their simplicity. All hardware is lightweight aluminium – no plastic.

Bionic® Canvas

Our Bionic® Canvas is highly weatherproof, made up from 56% recycled polyester, 40% Cotton and 4% high tenacity polyester.

The Maverick Collection was built around our unique Bionic® Canvas, developed exclusively with our partner Return Textiles.

33% of the recycled plastic inside their HLX yarn is recovered from shorelines, waterways and coastal communities.

Most of these plastics have been exposed to the elements, so the grade is not as suitable for recycling. Using specialist techniques, Bionic® revitalises these materials and combines them with 67% higher-grade recycled PET that is recovered through conventional waste management systems. RPET makes up 65% of our warp yarn (the vertical weave) and 33% of the yarn on the weft (the horizontal weave).


The simplicity is the Maverick Collection’s strength – everything has a reason for being on the bags, there is no place for the unnecessary. Each bag comes with a padded laptop sleeve that is lined with 100% waterproof recycled polyester. We’ve also adapted the bags for life on two wheels, with hidden reflectors and leather patched to clip your bike light on. Internally there’s organisation pockets, and externally you can stash your gear too.


Inspired and driven by maverick spirits who act on adventurous ideas – for themselves and the world around them.

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