Millican Weekends | Refresh</br>- Wales with Tom Allport

Millican Weekends Refresh
- Wales with Tom Allport

Millican Weekends are a series of stories that celebrate the people making big adventures out of small pockets of time.

"This trip was just a quick, refreshing break from everything. A few days, which is sometimes all it takes to get out of routine. We had no real plan at all and only a few ideas of where we wanted to spend each night, that's part of the beauty of driving around in a home on 4 wheels. Waking each morning to different views with no agenda, is there any better medicine? The great thing about Wales is that you get almost every type of landscape in such a condensed area. Mountains, woodland, lakes, beaches, we were spoilt for choice at every turn and drank as much in as we could before heading back to routine again. Heads, rolls of film and SD cards full of some classic road-trip memories, we can't wait to "not plan" the next one."

Words & Photography by Tom Allport | @tom_allport

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