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Millican HQWhat Re-Home Your Bag Means To Us?
- The Charities & Organisations

This Christmas, we’re encouraging ourselves and our community to be more curious and conscious of the products we bring into our lives.

In May we launched the Re-Home Your Bag project. Since then we have been overwhelmed by the response. Every week we receive bags from you with stories to tell and ready to begin a new adventure with people who need them. These bags have been examined, catalogued, repaired, boxed-up and sent out all across the country.

We caught up with two charities we've partnered with, Action 4 Conservation and Bristol Bike Project, to discover the journey those bags have made once leaving Millican HQ. 

We've already re-homed 7 bags! The first was re-homed with one of our earliest Earn-a-Bikers who has continued to stay involved in the BBP and is one of our most valued volunteers. He is homeless, so having a decent bag is really valuable to him. The others were re-homed with two Earn-A-Bikers referred by the Bristol Drugs Project, another was referred by his probation officer, and one by Bristol Refugee Rights. 

The other two are being re-homed as we speak with two asylum-seekers who are taking part in our Earn-a-Bike workshop this afternoon. We're really looking forward to re-homing the rest over the coming weeks.

Krysia Williams, Community Coordinator - The Bristol Bike Project

Action for Conservation is very proud to be a partner of Millican’s ‘Re-Home Your Bag’ project. We’ve used the re-homed bags on our residential conservation camps, which bring young people from very different backgrounds into the countryside to experience nature first hand whilst learning how to protect it. Young people are aware and concerned about the impact that throwaway culture has on the environment, and it’s fantastic to provide them with a real-world example of how we can tackle this in our everyday life through sustainable choices like rehoming unwanted items and buying second hand where possible. Plus, the rehomed bags are perfect for camp activities like conservation volunteering, nature walks and foraging!

Laura Kravac, Programme Manager - Action for Conservation

If you'd like to get involved with Re-Home Your Bag you can find out more here, or email us