Millican HQ | The Travel Collective #2</br>Wander Workshop with Jim Marsden

Millican HQThe Travel Collective #2
Wander Workshop with Jim Marsden

The Millican Travel Collective is about like-minded people coming together to share stories and be creative. This Summer, we welcomed our second collective to our home at Millican HQ, to join photographer Jim Marsden on a photography workshop, through the Newlands Valley.


"All we have as photographers is where we stand."

- Jim Marsden.


Step by step, we followed Jim through the valleys and fells surrounding Millican HQ, pausing along the way to discuss his 8 core ideas and tools for photography. Jim's been running his 'Wander' workshops for the last 2 years: "I believe that being outside, walking and talking, allows your mind the freedom and space to think better."

With cameras full of moments and feeling inspired, we returned to the shelter of our tipi for a warming dinner. Later, we gathered around the campfire to share stories of meaningful journeys, with speakers such as Ruth Allen, Simon Bray and Rob & Harriet Fraser, who spoke of the therapy, respite and inspiration the outdoors has provided them over the years.

A huge thank-you goes out to everyone who made the weekend so memorable. We can’t wait to welcome the next collective to Millican HQ. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear.

Photography by Jim Marsden and Hollie Harmsworth