Millican HQ | Our Plastic Free January

Millican HQOur Plastic Free January

Single-use plastic is abundant in our world; disposable coffee cups, polystyrene take-away boxes, sandwich cartons, drinks bottles, plastic straws… the list goes on. At Millican our mission is 'use less, be more’ and as a team we are always discussing how we can push ourselves to do better, both in the office and at home. So, this January we are all committing to living free from single-use plastics.

We want to challenge ourselves to test our daily rituals and avoid any ‘just this once’ moments, by motivating each other as a team. Our aim is for the changes we make in January to last and for this challenge to become the first step towards a 100% plastic-free office.

We will share our journey - the good, the bad and the ugly truths - plus some useful tips and articles that have inspired us along the way.

Most of us have attempted the challenge before, but found ourselves facing hurdles almost every day, whether at the supermarket, buying essentials or travelling. Hurdles that can sometimes be too easy to ignore in favour of convenience.

“In this last year, I've been making a conscious effort to reduce and remove single-use plastics from my life. I've made some simple changes, like beeswax wraps instead of cling film, buying loose fruit and veg and avoiding pre-packaged food as much as possible. Sometimes it’s been hard and I often give in. My challenge this month: to be more prepared and to not quit.” - Robyn | Marketing Junior

"Over the last couple of years, I've tried hard to avoid single-use plastics wherever possible, from buying loose vegetables, to trialing shampoo bars - even a stint in Canada where I thought my hair could handle not being washed with conventional shampoo altogether. I'm taking it room by room in my house and trying to make buying things plastic free a habit and lifestyle. I have the intention to be plastic free in my bathroom by the end of the month." - Beki | Customer Service

"I struggle mostly with food shopping. I don't really like to cook so I'll buy quick fixes to save time during a busy week and often something which has not been packaged responsibly, instead of finding an alternative. I think being more mindful of my food choices will benefit the planet as well as my well-being." - Steph | Marketing Manager

"I want to avoid using single-use plastic, but it is definitely going to take more organisation when it comes to food shopping and I'm sure I will struggle at first. As a busy working Mum, I must admit, individual pre-packed snacks are currently the norm in our house (easy to grab and put away in school bags). But with a bit of planning, I know I can knock up some healthy homemade snacks instead... to be honest when I have done this previously (albeit infrequently) everyone prefers them anyway!" - Nichola | Operations Manager

"I normally do what I assume most people do - make habitual choices on where to shop and what to buy, and deal with the plastic-guilt both at the till and in the kitchen. A mad cycle really, collectively with devastating consequences elsewhere. I'm looking forward to fundamentally changing my habit of convenience on the back of this month's plastic-free experience through the simplicity of conscious choice." - Jorrit | Co-Founder

To get started we’ll be making a few simple changes to remove plastic from the office and our home lives, which we will add to as we learn more over the next month:

  • Switch to glass milk bottles - provided by our local farmer
  • Plastic-free tea bags 
  • Team lunches - to avoid the last minute sandwich from the supermarket
  • No shop-bought, plastic covered cakes, biscuits or chocolate
  • Use own tupperware for take-out lunches 
  • Re-useable water bottles 
  • Hand soap instead of bottled soap
  • Shared plastic-free fruit bowl - sourced from local market
  • Refillable washing up liquid
  • Share local plastic-free markets/events

Would you also like to be free from single-use plastics? Or, are you already on a journey to reduce your plastic waste? Share your journey, advice and thoughts with us by tagging @homeofmillican and #plasticfreejanuary or email us at