Millican HQ | Traditions in Seefeld

Millican HQTraditions in Seefeld

It takes 3 of us, 3 days to put up our Millican trade-show stand, readying ourselves for the opening day of ISPO 2017. All 45mof it. It takes us no more than 5 hours to dismantle it - we know what is around the corner.


The show is over and as the meetings, discussions and to-do lists that come out of a 4-day event like this begin to settle in our minds, an equally strong image begins to cloud our vision. Sunshine hitting fresh snow. Fir trees. Endless alpine views.

The next morning we excitedly hustle ourselves into the hire car and begin our short drive from Munich to Seefeld, Austria.

This tradition is only 2 years old and yet it feels so familiar to us all now. Our temporary Millican HQ, nestled in the Alps.

The anticipation was tangible that morning, as talk turned quickly to snow quality, the ways of the world and who'd play us in our own biographic movies. The important things...

It never fails to amaze us as the urban jungle of Munich transitions first to fairy-tale like farmland and then to snowy vistas on the horizon. 

We usually spend 3 days in Seefeld, just enough time to explore all the slopes of this miniature resort a few times over. Its familiarity is comforting, we know the pace of the town and its people, its hidden gems. 

Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll have started a new tradition, but our weekends in Seefeld will always be a significant milestone in the Millican journey.