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6/5/4 - Stockholm

6/5/4 brings the calming coast vibes to the centre of bustling Stockholm. It was founded in 2009 with the ambition of creating a meeting point for Stockholm surfers. A one of its kind in its home city, the store is a haven for the surf community to connect, share stories and map out global adventures.

Store: 6/5/4 | Location: SoFo/Södermalm, Stockholm

Nytorgsgatan 27, 116 40, Stockholm 

Words: Johan Orrestedt, Co-Founder

When did your store open and can you remember how you felt when it did?

We opened the store on a sunny Saturday in April 2009.  Opening a store requires hours and months of work before you can finally open your doors...and then it only continues! I believe it was the end of summer when myself and my partner travelled to Portugal for a week of surf vacation. Only then did we have a chance to reflect and realise what we had accomplished.

What makes your store different to the others on this street? 

Firstly and most importantly we are a surf shop, the only one of its kind in Stockholm, so we tend to stand out. Plus, we have a cafe inside the store so people can come and re-connect and plan, as well as shop, for their next adventure. 

What is the view from your store? 

We are located on a crossroad, so there is plenty to see. Opposite us is the Acne Store and on the other side, there is a small park with a cafe set in the middle of it. 

If the walls of your store could talk what stories would it tell?

It would tell you all about how many local surfers and friends have been hanging around supporting the store and sipping cappuccinos over the years, making the store what it is today. Without them we would be nothing. 

What is your favourite feature of your store?

The espresso bar/cafe in the corner, facing out onto the park.

What are your favourite Millican products of the ones you sell and why? 

All of the Millican bags are great in their own ways, but my favourite is the 25L Smith the Roll Top. The extra space you get and the outside pocket makes it easy on the eye as well as super functional. 

Do you have any events coming up for the store to share?

We just had (the first ever in Sweden) a Surfboard Swap event, which was super fun. A lot of customers showed up with their surfboards in search of a swap, buy or sell. 

This upcoming fall we're having a "It's Fall, Ya'll" event, celebrating the storms that come with the autumn months. There will be a BBQ in the street outside, a great way to hang out with friends. 

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