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Known for their community centered events the Langbrett store in Berlin is always a hub of activity for the ethically conscious customer who is drawn to the outdoors. We spoke to co-owner Jason about what it's like to live above the shop and how they effectively blur the line between store and clubhouse.

Store: Langbrett | Location: Berlin

Kastanienallee 44, 10119, Berlin

Words: Jason Richter, Co-Owner

What makes the Langbrett Store different to the others on this street? 

Our shop is different because Rodrigo and I (shared store owners) work in the shop every day. We deal with the customers (supported by our staff) on a daily basis, so we learn a lot about which products are popular, what the current colour trends are and through direct customer feedback we can determine the quality of the products we sell. All that knowledge helps us to place better pre season orders.

We are all fans of the brands we sell (Patagonia, Langbrett, Millican, Klean Kanteen) and use all the products in our personal lives. Rod and I each have 2 children and we like to travel as much as possible (trekking, surfing or visiting family in Mexico or Australia) putting all the products we sell to the test.

What is the view from your store? 

We have 4 big shop windows, two on the Kastanienallee side overlooking the foot traffic on the very vibrant and busy street. The other two are facing our green garden, quite a rare sight in Berlin!

If the walls of your store could talk, what would they say?

This is a store with a nice vibe, a family feeling, people can come here to shop or just hang out.

What is your favourite feature of your store?

My favourite feature is that we live upstairs from the shop, so naturally, my family is always around and we can spend much more time together. The beautiful garden is a big attraction for all the kids in our house, plus it means I can keep an eye on them while I work.

What are your favourite Millican products and why? 

My favourite is Smith the Roll Pack 25L in Moss. It is super durable and meets all my demands, whether it's a family trip to the forest, a quick visit to the gym or just doing the food shopping. The roll top allows me to adjust the volume of the pack and I'm also a big fan of the easily accessible outer pockets for drinking bottles etc.

Do you have any events coming up soon in the store to share?

We just had a big re-opening party after a store refurbishment with a movie screening + photo exhibition as part of the Berlin Surf Film Festival.

Our next event will be on the 18.10.2017 during the Patagonia Mission Statement Campaign in Berlin.

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