Film | Meaningful Journeys | Part 03: Nyfiken (Curiosity)

FilmMeaningful JourneysPart 03: Nyfiken (Curiosity)

When we met Emil, some years ago, we knew one day we'd have to share him with the world, and selfishly find a way to bottle his infectious positive spirit. So we made this film...we've had it on repeat at HQ now for a while.

Deep in the Swedish countryside, where nature and a sense of curiosity meet, lives Emil Eklöv. Emil views the world through a lens of wonder, of questions and of curiosity. His restless spirit, his refusal to conform and his humble maverickness have carved out a life forever in play.


We were the family out hiking picking cloudberries, there was this really good cloudberry area in the woods a long way from us.

So my dad asked me to check the other wetlands, a bit above, but coming up there I was struck more by curiosity, or, I wanted to know what’s over there, so I totally forgot about the whole beautiful cloudberries and just kept going, walking, it was really hot and I came into the woods and there was this waterfall, and I threw all my clothes off and I started like taking a shower in this waterfall and running around in the woods, just being there. I think something opened up there that day, some kind of understanding, some kind of curiosity made me want to know more about the world, to see the world in a different way.

Does it exist?

The waterfall? For sure, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was physical, I climbed it. I actually climbed it, naked. (laughs). And I had a shower in it, so it must be out there. I don’t think that’s the important thing. I will find it someday, but to keep that feeling of the search and the curiosity, that’s what made it happen.

The world is so filled with influences of sounds and visions and everything you know, so now and then I need just to go away, just to feel myself inside, to understand myself, because when we stop, nothing more happens right? If we stop exploring, we stop growing.

(sings: somewhere over the rainbow)

When I’m alone, I get the opportunity to just lay down in the grass or in the moss or whatever, for as long as I want, maybe that’s because I want to do in that moment, maybe not what the rest of the group would like to do in that moment you know, but when I’m alone when I have the solitude, I can just sit there, listen, smell, be a part of it all, and I think that’s the thing about understanding yourself and the connection through it all.

I remember something that is really, really important to keep this open mind about being playful, exploring what you can do with your body on this bike. I mean, it’s perfect for it, to stand on a bike and surf the streets, not many grownups do that. I actually don’t see streets there you know, because I live far from the ocean and I love surfing so I see waves all over, and I see in my head, the water splashing so I feel like I’m surfing you know, it may be exactly the kind of freedom that I need in that moment, it’s helped me to remember to be joyful, to be curious, to go out there and see what happens.

You want to learn more of course, and that’s what life is about, it’s a school, where we learn, right, if you stop learning, if you stop being curious, you have lost something from childhood, and kids, they go out and they’re curious about everything.

We can do that without being kids you know? But, look upon the world with the eyes of a kid.

When we go into the forest and we use our sense it helps curiosity to grow.

Looking back through life you would see that you might have taken all different kinds of paths that if you wouldn’t have taken them you wouldn’t be sitting right here where you are today. Even those places that look like, did I do that really, took you here today.

Here we have like the best toilet paper in the world, but don’t harvest.

So maybe we should just remake, old classic, an old Johnny cash song, see what happens, let’s go like this:

‘would I be sitting in a tepee, would I enjoy the view, would I be swimming in a lake without my shoes? So, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, maybe just crazy anyway. And if I really did it, would my friends have to miss me on Monday? Will I be climbing any trees? Would I be jumping any creeks? Would I be having just a good time, and picking cloudberries, maybe it’s just crazy, maybe it’s just stupid anyway? And I know if I really, I really jump and do it, would my friends miss me on Monday? Would I have been sitting in the forest, would I be enjoying my own time, would I just be having a good time and I don’t know any more of the lines, but, maybe it’s just crazy, maybe it’s just stupid anyway, but I think I will go on and do it and let my friends miss me on Monday.’