Film | A Meaningful Journey: Inscaping. <br> Part 01: Jim Marsden

FilmA Meaningful Journey: Inscaping.
Part 01: Jim Marsden

At Millican we celebrate the meaning in every journey. In our new series 'Meaningful Journeys' we explore creative mavericks and independent spirits who travel their own path through life.

In part 01 we follow photographer and Millican ambassador, Jim Marsden.

The simple act of walking with his dad has inspired Jim's pursuit of a life well lived. He doesn't walk to escape, he walks to reflect inwards – to inscape. Celebrating the slow pace that comes with a life on foot.

Jim Marsden is a photographer, recognised for his obsession with the analogue camera. His creative mind and dedication to his craft make Jim truly unique. He has a subtle ability to breathe life into the most incidental moments.

Film Credits:

Director | Shooter | Editor - Sim Warren |
Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman
Executive Producer - Jorrit Jorritsma
Concept Development - Sim Warren & Jeffrey Bowman
Sound Design - James Locke-hart
Production Company - The Contrast Collective |
Music -
Shot on a Sony A7SII

A Meaningful Journey | Inscaping from Millican on Vimeo.


I grew walking with dad, and we still, go on walks today. You see he never wanted a car, so if we had to get anywhere we’d have to walk.

On long trips, I would kill for a car, especially on the return journey home, but now I’m older I can really appreciate all that walking.

I remember thinking and feeling like a floating head sometimes as a kid, being carried along and detached from my legs and body, I was always more aware of my surroundings, I was always looking and thinking.

Walking slows things right down, it gives me freedom in how I work. It just feels natural to let things happen, recognising the moments and catching them.

You just experience places more powerfully if you can pass them on foot with people you care about. I like the repetition, the space and surroundings, it just helps to keep my mind click.

Walking with dad is pretty special, and we get to stop where we want to have a brew from the stove and we just get to talk, that’s all it is, walking and talking, but we love it.

All those miles were worth it. Walking’s medicine for me.