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Everyday AdventuresA Micro Micro-Adventure
Skai Prints

We sent a Smith the Roll Pack 25L to Joe (@skai.prints) and his band of mini-adventurers. Joe explores miniature, paper sculpted worlds by crafting and curating scenes. The folds and flaps of our fabrics mirror the landscapes we roam in the Lake District. Through Joe’s lens, and crew of mini adventurers, they set off to explore Smith, inside and out.

Photography + Installations by Joe Winstanley | @skai.prints

“Working in miniature helps me refocus on smaller details in nature. It was great to be able to apply what I do with paper to the outerwear industry. Skai started as a packaging concept for a clothing company inspired by the Peak District so it was great to see it come full circle and be applied to a company that shares my values and respects its nature-filled home like Millican do.”

- Joe Winstanley | @skai.prints