Everyday Adventure | Tom Powell & Smith the Roll Pack 25L</br>Hiking

Everyday AdventureTom Powell & Smith the Roll Pack 25L

Now we’re stepping back out into the world, adventure is closer to home than usual. For the next few months, we will follow a happy tribe of Millican wanderers as they explore what it means to adventure everyday. This week photographer Tom Powell sees his back garden, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, through a new lens, accompanied by Smith the Roll Pack 25L and his trusted Utility Pouch

Words & Photography by Tom Powell | @tom_powell_photo

While on a shoot on Merino stations in the Southern Alps, I was enveloped by an inversion layer that was 100kms in length. These thick fogs sit in valleys and occur most often when a warm, less dense air mass moves over a cold air mass. This cold air then pushes under the warmer air rising from the valley, creating the inversion. This one had been sitting there for days creating Hoar frost on anything in sight.


Companions on the Trail

"The first things I'll always throw in my Smith the Roll Pack 25L are my shell jacket and a bottle of water. I keep my shell in the Packing Cube to keep it protected. If I've got that I can feel good about keeping warm and dry in most conditions and it's easy to throw in when it's in the pouch and doesn't feel messy in there. I took my Yahicamatt which fits well inside the Utility Pouch also. The hip flask: who doesn't love a dram of whiskey to keep you warm while watching a winter sunset. The torch helped me negotiate the hike out after the sun went down."

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I found a window just as I left Lake Pukaki, as the inversion ended and I broke free from the freezing cloud to see the winter sun disappearing behind Mt. Aspiring.