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Slow living looks like a lot of different things. For some people, slow living is an aesthetic made up of neutral tones and open spaces. For others, it’s creating a morning routine that gives them the time and space they need to start their day at a comfortable pace and for others still, slow living looks like shopping locally and sustainably. For me, slow living is about looking inward and asking myself why?

Words & Photography by Adanna Hanna | @smithadachi

A couple of years ago, I was speaking with a friend who was about to graduate university about our hopes for the future and I realised that the path I was on didn’t inspire much hope in me. I was doing a course that I loved, and still do, but it was clear to me very early on that what I was studying wouldn’t be what I’d spend the rest of my life doing. At the time I was applying for summer internships and getting increasingly frustrated that I hadn’t found one and for the first time in a long time, I asked myself why. Why was I so upset that I wouldn’t be spending my summer working for a company I had absolutely no interest in? This is where my slow living journey started. I got intentional with my life. I looked at the reasons behind my actions and tried to figure out the why: was I saying yes to things simply because everyone else was or did I actually want to? Was I dressing a certain way, talking a certain way, or living a certain way because that was the life I wanted or because it was the life I thought everyone else had?


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    This was the beginning, and it’s taken a while for my lifestyle to become the things you might associate with slow living today. I embraced slow fashion by reflecting on the reasons why I was buying a new pair of jeans every month: I sat down and realised, finally, that shopping online for new clothes every time I felt sad or insecure didn’t fix the sadness or insecurity. My consumer habits became more sustainable when I realised that I could still live a satisfying life without the instant gratification that I had gotten used to.  My days used to have me rushed and stressed out because I had too much on my plate, so I cut it down to the essentials and built my days back up with the things that added to my life and brought joy. I started giving things my undivided attention and created slow morning and evening routines that have me relaxed and prepared for the day ahead. I pay closer attention to my body and watch how certain things affect my mind and I create time to unload and reflect. I’ve found that journaling helps. Journaling outside is even better.

    Slow living, to me, is checking in with myself as often as I can. It’s a journey and it will never be this perfect thing. My days are rarely as aesthetically pleasing as my social media or slow living Pinterest boards would have you believe. But I make an effort to do things for the right reasons and at the right pace. I’m a student and a freelancer and my life is definitely still busier than I would like but I’ve taken the time to know myself and I make choices that honour the life I’m trying to build. I give myself permission to do things, not because they are productive or career advancing, but simply because they bring me joy. To me, slow living is not about perfection or aesthetics but the small, slow, steps towards a life that I’m not rushing through. A life that’s intentional and a life that I’ll remember.