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Last Summer, we headed to Canada to spend a few weeks with a group of creatives, working together to capture the heart of our new Core Collection. During that time we spoke about human power, being collectively responsible and how to slow down when the world around us is moving so fast. These are the stories of the people we met that Summer and what's at their core. 

Words by Mirae Campbell | @miraecampbell

Photography by Harry Fricker | @frickeruk

What's at the core of who you are and what you do?

Elevating others and finding ways to support my local community through cause-based initiatives and photography.

Every day we have an impact on the planet, how do you actively try and make that a positive one?

Using my voice and my social platform to help amplify voices of other creatives, minority groups, unique brand stories and for social and environmental causes.


The Core Collection

Core Roll Pack 15L

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How would you encourage others to pursue their core calling?

Be generous with your time, be open-minded and be kind. 

Do you have any advice from your own experience on small ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in your everyday life?

Eat less meat, don’t buy single use plastics, make (or support a small company) a re-usable face mask, and grow your own food!

What does travel and adventure mean to you?

To move past boundaries, to be respectful, to be a little uncomfortable and to open myself up to learn and expand my scope of understanding of the world and the people and environments around me.