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Back and forth, forth and back. Wainwright caught the spirit of the land, absorbed it through his footsteps and translated it with his pen. He stitched together waypoints, mapping paths for a hundred generations hence, interpreting the wonder he found. Wainwright wove a record of singular devotion, a unique dedication to craft and his Lakeland home. 7 books, 13 years. 214 fells.

For many, he will forever reside in the silent depths of Innominate Tarn, at the summit of Haystacks, a life writ large across the fells. Millican celebrates the unusual power of this commitment in a unique collaboration – A limited edition, hand-made backpack. Made in the UK.

Film Credits:

Director | Shooter | Editor - Sim Warren |

Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman

Executive Producer - Jorrit Jorritsma

Concept Development - Jeffrey Bowman & Sim Warren

Poem & Voice Over – Dan Crockett |

Audio Recording – Oliver Price |

Production Company - The Contrast Collective |

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