Crafted By | Edition 01 – The Botanist

Crafted By Edition 01 – The Botanist

To forage is a simple, timeless act. Ten thousand short years ago, foraging was the only way of life for everybody and everything. We would have routinely searched the woods, hedgerows, riverbanks and seashores to add sustenance, seasonal variety and flavour to our farmed food.

Today, The Botanist rely on an expert foraging team to hand-pick, and harvest, the 22 ingredients augmented in each batch of gin, on the wild Hebridean Island of Islay, in Scotland.

With guidance from expert Forager Mark Williams, we developed, designed and hand-crafted a definitive Forager’s Bag in England.

Millican Dalton found his own way too – he lived in-tune with nature, foraging from the landscape around his cave. We can join Mark, Millican and others by looking at our local hedgerows and gardens in a different light.

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