Blank Canvas | Project 02 <br>– Miscellaneous Adventure

Blank Canvas Project 02
– Miscellaneous Adventure

Woodland Connection
“We want to inspire people to learn about the great outdoors whilst they’re out there and connect with the environment a little deeper.”

In a small woodland, in the Sussex countryside, curious souls Andrew Groves and Emma Hughes seek to know more about their surroundings. Nature is the vehicle of their curiosity, their canvas for ideas and their inspiration for Miscellaneous Adventures – a project that promotes the co-existence of creativity with outdoor living and the production of hand crafted wooden objects.

Miscellaneous Adventures turns curiosity into positive action, selflessly sharing their quest for knowledge with others in the woodland workshops they run, inspiring reconnection with nature through creative practices and craft.

By slowing down and taking the time to learn about the wildlife around them they have discovered the important lessons nature can provide, by actively asking question they have deepened their knowledge of the planet and have enriched their lives and others.

The Miscellaneous Adventures x Millican Blank Canvas Pack has been adapted to carry the tools for the curious craftsman or the wanderlust wanderer.

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