Blank Canvas | Project 01 – Do Lectures

Blank CanvasProject 01 – Do Lectures

“Our purpose is to help people understand how much they can achieve in life. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m glad it exists in this world.”
– David Hiut, The Do Lectures

How many times have you dreamed of doing something incredible, for yourself and the world around you? Are you doing it yet?

The Do Lectures give people all over the world the drive they need to act on their dreams. How? By inviting passionate, creative people to share their ideas and tell their stories at a network of intimate, global events, always in inspiring outdoor locations.

It’s all about the atmosphere – creating a place where ideas gain new momentum. Away from the rush of everyday life, guests and speakers camp together, listen together, connect, learn and share…then leave with fresh determination to change the world, in their own way.

It’s a simple formula – Ideas + Energy = Change. And it works.

Photography by:Jim Marsden