Travel | A Lesson on a Postcard</br>South India - Naresh Kumar

Travel A Lesson on a Postcard
South India - Naresh Kumar

A letter on perspective, compassion and the importance of travel, from our incredible Millican ambassador, Naresh Kumar.

Words & Photography by Naresh Kumar | @iamarunr

Dear Millican,

I wanted to share these pictures and thank you for the Millican pack you sent for my journey to India. When I was there I met 40+ kids from underprivileged conditions in South India. Most of them have never ventured a radius of more than 50km from where they were born. In my experience, travel and adventure opens your mind to the bigger picture of the world, you can meet awesome people and it gives you an opportunity to dream, live, learn and grow. That's what we wanted to pass on to these kids and so we set out on an adventure.

As someone who grew up in similar conditions, the kids connected and related to my stories. They saw me as a successful engineer, adventurer, and world traveller but they also learnt that this was not given to me, that I worked hard to make this dream possible.

That was my message to them. To work hard, be determined and anything is possible.

I also encouraged them to care for one another and help each other. My Freedom Seat journey was a great example and they really enjoyed hearing about it.

Towards the end of the adventure, they moved away from a state of helplessness and feeling like victims, to asking 'how can I help' vulnerable kids who are trafficked - the ones featured in my Freedom Seat story. It was awesome seeing them have that giving and caring nature. 

My Millican pack was more than enough for this three-week trip and it was able to endure the harshest conditions, harshest rain and brutal heat. All my stuff was safe and dry. This pack rocks.

Thank you and catch up soon!


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