A 'Glocal Landscape' | Part 03: James Bowden <br/>- Home Comforts

A 'Glocal Landscape' Part 03: James Bowden
- Home Comforts

We sent our tribe out on a journey close to their home to test our new camera bags, capturing the moments along the way. We wanted them to show us where they know – photography can take you anywhere. 

adjective | 'glocal' (ɡləʊk(ə)l)

- reflecting or characterised by both local and global considerations.


All these photos were shot around my home near Porthleven on the south coast of Cornwall. I travel a lot for work, so these are a sort of documentary of the routine I love to slip back into at home. 

My girlfriend Hannah and I have lived here for nearly 2 years now, and after spending so much of the last ten years moving from place to place, it’s nice to slow down and have a base somewhere for a while. So in that sense, at the moment it feels like home, somewhere I can slip back into a routine, slow down a little, catch up with friends and family, and yet it still feels new and fresh, we are always discovering new places and things to do.

Plus it’s beautiful around here! The coastline is so varied, great surfing and equally sheltered coves for fishing, swimming and other activities.

Around home, our favourite spots always change but somewhere we find special at the moment is the upper Helford river and the area surrounding it. It’s beautiful, whatever the season and seems to have this calming effect whenever we spend time down there walking the banks, camping or in the canoe. In the winter it's sheltered, peaceful and silent, right now in the spring it's just bursting with life!

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