Photolog | A Different Way | 12 Hours in Manchester

Photolog A Different Way 12 Hours in Manchester

We spent 12 hours in Manchester with photographer Jim Marsden and graphic designer Kyle Fyffe, taking our graphite bags for a wander in search for new perspectives.

Photography by Jim Marsden | Words by Jeffrey Bowman | Featuring Kyle Fyffe

It’s why we look up. It’s why we slow
down. It’s why we turn left instead 
of right.

Our restless curiosity directs 
us. It’s our map. Our compass.

Part of the landscape, but never
 walking the same street twice.

Finding the unfamiliar in the everyday.

‘Look deep into nature and then you
 will understand everything better’
 said Einstein.

Engage with your surroundings 
and see things differently.

Seek meaning 
in every journey, however small.

Don’t follow what’s in front of you.

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