Product Review | Dave & Stewart Review <br> - A letter to the team.

Product Review Dave & Stewart Review
- A letter to the team.

Last week we received a letter from one of our customers, Steve Giles, who in his years of owning a and a Stewart the Courier Bag has travelled from sunny beaches abroad to the mountainous areas of the Lake District and Scotland.Here is his story with Millican so far...

Words and Photography by Steve Giles.

“Oh No!” They said. “Dad’s gone and got more bags!” “But they’re going to be really useful for the family generally, and on holiday”, I protested. Since we’ve returned from our break, and with “Dave” and “Stewart” becoming regularly employed day-to-day, I think my choice has been justified.
 I thought I’d drop a few lines to let you know how I’m getting on with our purchases.
 I’ve always enjoyed looking/understanding the design and functionality in the equipment I buy. I’m not someone who simply buys an item because it is “fashionable” or “trendy”; it has to perform a “function” (or preferably, multiple functions!) What is the point in coats that have flaps, but no pockets anyway?

The other aspect that I have become more aware of is sustainability in the manufacture of products and also the way in which we live our lives. The ethos and vision that Millican presented was one of the main attractions when researching our next “family bag”(s). Over the years we have had our various family trips abroad to sunny beaches or to mountainous areas of the Lake District or Scotland. This year we were to visit Italy and we needed some day and overnight bags so I searched the web for quality “multi-platform” bags.

The combination of Dave and Stewart worked well. Our first trip with them was to Riva Del Garda in Italy. Both bags were used as daily carriers of food, clothes, beach towels and other holiday essentials. Visits to Venice and Verona using Dave were far more pleasant. This is partly due to the shoulder straps being very comfortable and adjustable even for my long back (I’m 6’4”). The waist and chest straps kept Dave in place securely, although I would suggest that you keep an eye on the chest straps! The clip system that fixes them to the shoulder straps has popped loose on a few occasions. I actually lost one half when leaving a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt without noticing! Fortunately, Millican were very helpful and prompt in sorting me out with replacements!
 Since then Dave has accompanied me out into a wintery Peak District and is also filling in as my daily work bag.

Honest thoughts: Stewart:
 Pros: Just the right size for an overnight trip. (My wife has used him on an overnight trip to London) Cons: The roll top closure, although very good for lighter loads, needs to have longer straps with one side having at least three closure poppers to allow closure of a fuller bag. Dave:Pros: Right side full zip opening allows me to use it as a “sling camera bag” by slipping the strap off my left shoulder and swinging the bag round. I can then unzip the panel and pull out my camera without taking the rucksack off. Great for walking around towns/cities.
Left zipped panel has loads of useful pockets for gear/work stuff.
Grab handle on “front panel” is a thoughtful and surprisingly useful addition. Cons: Keep an eye on those pesky chest straps!

I am generally very happy with both bags, they have held up well and don’t show any visible signs of wear and tear. I expect them to last a long time. The only problem I now have is justifying further bag purchases as there have been some very tasty additions to your website recently!

, Steve Giles.

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