Millican Dalton | The Slow Route

Millican Dalton The Slow Route

Millican Dalton, self proclaimed 'Professor of Adventure', was never motivated by adrenaline fuelled adventure, by speed or by winning races. He found satisfaction in slow, human-powered travel.

Over the summer period he would spend most of his waking hours taking groups on hiking, climbing and camping tours. His message of self-sufficiency – leading a simple life and taking time to enjoy nature through slow travel – was evident to his clients, who would turn up faced with a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ looking gentleman, dressed in clothes all of his own making and camping equipment hand-crafted by Millican himself.

A typical two week camping tour with Millican (as recorded in 1913) demonstrated a mixture of high intensity climbs and hikes alongside the equally as frequent ‘lazy day about camp’. Ascents such as Scafell, Great Gable and Helvellyn all featured on the timetable, however, no time pressures were implemented, instead every route suggestion was accompanied by the option ‘if desired’ or ‘or quiet day at camp’ depending on the level of his group. Millican ensured that everyone in his company was able to enjoy the breath-taking surroundings at their own pace. When a group was promised a down-day, an afternoon of ‘rafting, bathing and picnicking’ was most likely in store – another unique experience for the group, as Millican was accustomed to building his own rafts. Millican Dalton was passionate about sharing the freedom he had found from living a self-sufficient life. He respected all that nature could give him and returned the favour by educating others of its long-term benefits, urging them to pause every once in a while.

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