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Traveller SeriesDon't Take It For Granted

For many people of the western society, travelling has become commonplace. It’s almost de rigueur now to take short hikes, weekend trips away and to leave, at least once a year, for a longer expedition. Naturally, this has inspired the new trend of healthy living and inner balance that has been found out on the trail – we are tuning back into our roots.

Location: Norway

Words and Photography by Martin Erd

As a photographer I’m on the road a lot more than most people and no matter how many places I have visited (or will visit) being outside is not conducive of a short lived lifestyle, instead travelling is one of the greatest gifts in my life. Being able to work outdoors, with nature, is a priceless asset to me, it teaches me so many things by connecting with the country, the people, nature and myself. No matter where you wander – from mountain top or a short walk in the city – you can find beauty in any landscape. I’ve travelled to Ethiopia for example, to find myself overwhelmed by the charisma and positive energy of the people who are living in extreme poverty. Travel puts everything into perspective.

Nature, in all of its diversity, is an important source of inspiration in my professional life just as much as it is a calming influence on my everyday life. Scandinavia was a destination on my list for a long time, it’s known for its deep connection to nature. I had the opportunity this summer to explore the souther parts of Norway. Travelling along the south coast, along the Viking land where the sea and the mountains meet, from Lysebotn Fjord to Haradanger Vidda, every viewpoint offered something new – it always fascinates me how varied and untouched nature is in so many places across the world.

It is a great privilege to travel and nobody should take being out there for granted, because so many people do not have the means or the ability to travel and experience the inner calm that nature and the trail can offer. Nature is a gift, no matter where and how you travel through it, no matter how long or short, alone or with friends, we should enjoy being outside and make the most of every experience it offers.