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Product ReviewA Bag By Your Side

When investigating the history of the iconic messenger bag, one trend seems to re-appear: innovation through exploration.

From the classic field-bag (aiding botanists trawling the landscape for medicinal ingredients) to the functional courier-bag (once one of the most trusted communication devices) messenger bags have evolved as our need for discovery and knowledge has. We recently added a new member to our messenger bag collection: Nick the Messenger Bag 17L & 13L. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to look at our own interpretations of this iconic silhouette and how our collection of shoulder bags has evolved, through historical research and modern day demands

The Messenger Bag:

The Messenger Bag has often been associated throughout history with postal workers and cycle couriers. It’s a career that offers the unique opportunity to truly get under the skin of your town or city – not just early mornings and working through all weather conditions. For cycle couriers in particular, this job offers a chance to explore the inner-workings of a city and to travel to places usually out-of-bounds to the general public. Emily Chappell (cycle courier turned cycle tourer) summed it up when discussing the remaining few modern day cycle couriers and their motivations for staying in what is a dwindling industry: ‘It’s the sense of knowledge that keeps them hanging on – that perpetual feeling of opening the city up like a pocket watch and seeing its cogs and springs all whirring away inside.’ Car and train commutes can force routine, showing you only one level of your surroundings. With a messenger bag and a bicycle (or by foot) you can peel back the layers of your environment, revealing places you would never have seen on your repetitive commute. Nick the Messenger Bag is built for these every-day adventures and unexpected detours: highly weatherproof, accommodating modern functionality and internal storage for the things you need everyday and room for the rest.

The Field Bag:

Our Mark the Field Bag was designed with its heritage of roaming botanists in mind. With 6 individual pockets in total this version is built for modern day explorers, ensuring there is room to organise all the artefacts a daily commute might un-earth. Train tickets, event flyers, local market stall food, an over-heard conversation, or a view that inspired a quick sketch - the modern day field-bag must be ready to collect the treasures that can sometimes be hidden behind the rush of daily life.

Mark the Field Bag from Millican on Vimeo.

The Courier Bag:

Inspired by it’s unique history of cross-country expeditions delivering important communications, Stewart the Courier Bag has been designed to offer functional internal organisation making longer, over-night expeditions a lot more comfortable. From battlefield communications on horseback to the modern day commute, the importance of efficiency, reliability and security in a courier bag still remains, ensuring the journey-man can enjoy the ride and his surroundings for a moment longer, before his practical tasks are due.

Stewart the Courier Bag from Millican on Vimeo.