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In the early 1900s, outdoor pioneer Millican Dalton quit his conventional 9-5 routine in London to pursue a life in the open in Borrowdale Valley, in the English Lake District. He lived life in his own way, chasing romance and freedom from his cave on Castle Crag.

Insist upon yourself.

Millican Dalton chose experience over material gain and inspired us to do the same. We are a small team, based on a farm in the English Lake District National Park and we make bags with a difference. We made this film to share the story that changed our journey for good.

We made this film to share the story that changed our journey for good.

Film Credits:

Director | Shooter | Editor - Sim Warren
Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman
Executive Producer - Jorrit Jorritsma
Concept Development - Jeffrey Bowman & Sophie Crewdson
Screenplay - Sophie Crewdson
Production Company - The Contrast Collective |
Production Coordinator | Assistant Producer - Mia Xerri
Thanks to Pete Shuttleworth at Hoi Polloi Media -
Phantom Camera Hire -
Music -
Shot on a Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q and Phantom Miro


Youth is everything. We dress too much, we eat too much, almost everything we do is too much.

People are shutting their eyes to the foundations of the universe.

I longed to be free. This was not the life for me. I escaped expectations to pursue my passions, to seek romance and freedom. It’s the only kind of life worth living.

After treating life as a chemical experiment, I find that the simplest life is the happiest.