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camping sustainably

The Importance of Leaving No Trace

Mother nature is a beautiful thing – and for avid outdoors people like ourselves, it’s vital that we constantly educate and discover new ways to protect the environment. At Millican, we hold great pride in our firm stance on sustainability. All of our products are made using recycled materials from post-consumer waste, becoming plastic with […]

26 days agoBy Millican
Simple guide to map reading

Simple Guide to Map Reading

Get ready for adventure with our simple guide to map reading.

1 month agoBy Millican
Hiking First Aid Kit

Hiking First Aid Checklist

With a wonderful abundance of wildlife to discover, it’s only natural that we explore what the country has to offer. However, traversing new routes and battling with the ever-changing weather will present issues for even the most experienced of hikers. Scenarios that call for a well-equipped first aid kit can crop up when we least […]

2 months agoBy Millican
Outdoor hiker hiking in the rain with a Millican backpack

How to Prepare for a Rainy Trek

Make walking in the rain fun with these tips and tricks.

2 months agoBy Millican