The summer edition of Kinfolk not only draws attention to far-flung locations but also to those who choose to stay local and see their surroundings anew.

Through exposure to new cultures and foreign contexts, we often return home filled with fresh perspectives that can make the everyday seem exotic, but worldly experiences don’t start and end at the baggage claim—it’s what we do with those memories once we’ve unpacked our suitcases that really makes a difference in the long run.

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  • Beautiful full colour photography 
  • Original essays from creatives around the world 
  • 'Back to Nature' style cooking 
  • Alternative, simple, DIY guides


  • H27.9 x W21.6cm, 600g

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  • ON THE RIGHT TRACK - the art of train travel through the decades
  • NEITHER HERE NOR THERE - when we embark on journeys with translator apps and spaghetti piles of charger cords, where is it that we really go?
  • INTERVIEW: PICO IYER - The acclaimed travel writer and author of The Art of Stillness explains how traveling the world can start with a simple step back.