Introducing our Limited Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee everything we make.  If your Millican product fails you in any way, return it to us for a repair, refund or exchange.

Sustainability rule #1 is to design and make products which are built to last, as all Millican products are.  You wouldn’t be happy with anything less, and neither would we.

This doesn’t mean our products are completely indestructible and will last forever under all circumstances. The small print normally covers this by stating that we can’t guarantee our products when they are not used as intended.

Simply put, if we’ve made a mistake and your product is not as it should be, we put it right at our expense.  If something unforeseen happens to the product and it gets damaged, we’ll help you put it right while keeping the cost to you to a minimum.

Just call us on (0845) 653 2060 (UK) or +44 (0) 17687 78778 (international) or email us on with any questions.

Our Limited Lifetime Guarantee