Care Tips

Here are some general suggestions on how to extend the life of your Millican product by caring for its key ingredients.

Maverick Collection Bionic® Canvas

Used for Smith the Roll Pack/Miles the Duffle Bag/Fraser the Rucksack/Nick the Messenger Bag

Our Maverick Collection is made using only a few panels of durable, sustainable and highly weatherproof Bionic® Canvas. This ambitious design concept minimises seams and therefore maximises strength and weather protection.


How to look after your waxed canvas:


If the Bionic® Canvas becomes dirty, wait until the dirt is dry and then brush off with a soft, clean brush.


You can restore the paraffin wax protection with an approved aftercare product.We recommend NikWax Wax Cotton Proof™, which will also slightly soften the fabric.


To remove white wax markings, simply apply heat by using either a hair dryer or steam iron, +5cm away from the fabric surface.

Any Questions?

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Organic Cotton Canvas (outer fabric)
Used for Dave, Matthew, Harry, Stewart, Christopher, Robert, Daniel, KeithMark, Rob Stephen, Joe, LesPeter and Ian.

If the organic cotton canvas becomes dirty, wait until the dirt is dry and then brush off with a soft, clean brush.

The outer organic cotton canvas is weatherproof, which means that it can withstand some exposure to rain showers. If you’re unfortunate enough to get caught in a proper downpour and the canvas becomes very wet, empty your bag and leave to dry naturally away from direct heat.

Recycled Polyester (lining, waterproof cover and shoe bags)
Used for Dave, Harry, Peter, Matthew, Stephen and Les.

If the recycled polyester becomes dirty, simply wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and allow to dry naturally away from direct heat.

Vegetable Tanned Leather (components or full product)
Used for Dave, Matthew, Harry, Stewart, ChristopherRobertDaniel, Keith,  Mark, RobStephen, Joe, Les, Peter, Matt and Matt Large

The leather on all Millican products is designed to wear in with use, not wear out.

Vegetable tanned leather is water absorbent, so if the leather gets wet it’s best to wipe off any residual water with a dry cloth and allow to dry naturally, again away from direct heat.

When you unwrap your bridle leather notebook cover, it might show a dull, waxy finish. This is the natural wax coming out of the leather and will easily be solved by gently buffing the leather with a soft cloth or soft bristled shoe brush.

Until your leather has aged naturally over time, it may be useful to use a good quality leather food. Apply sparingly with a soft cloth (being careful to avoid contact with the organic cotton canvas if applying to the leather on a bag) and leave for a few hours (ideally overnight). Gently buff the leather with a soft bristled shoe brush to bring back the shine.  If you struggle to find a good leather food, give us a call on (0845) 653 2060 (UK) or +44 (0) 17687 78778 (international) or email and we’ll help you out.

It’s best to avoid exposing your leather products to direct sunlight or heat for any length of time, as this may cause uneven fading of the colour.

Stainless Steel (re-usable water bottles)
Used for Simon and Andy

Your water bottle is dishwasher safe, but the lid needs to be washed by hand (some water can enter the lid under pressure).

Both the bottle and the lid can also be cleaned using a mild washing up liquid and a bottle brush or with the tried and tested method of white vinegar and baking soda. Rinse the bottle and lid thoroughly before use.


Despite the rigorous quality checks during and after production, it’s still possible a manufacturing defect has managed to sneak in. If you’re the unlucky one to experience this, you can return your product for a full refund, an exchange or a repair – please check the returns section for further details.

Depending on where your adventures take you, dangerous liaisons might cause damage to your Millican product.  If you’d like us to look at the damage and suggest possible repair options, call us on (0845) 653 2060 (UK) or +44 (0) 17687 78778(international) or email us on

A good repair will further extend the life of your Millican product, so we will check with Vera and our production partners whether a repair is possible and if so, at what cost.