Meet the Producers

Story Telling

As a start-up we knew we had to surround ourselves with experts right from the start. What we didn’t realise was how many experts we would need.

We’d like to introduce a few of our early partners to you by telling their story. People who must have realised early on this might not be the easiest project to get involved with. We’re a bit fussy when it comes to detail you see, very fussy in fact.

But they got involved anyway. Because they believe in the same things we do – building great quality, functional and sustainable products for a lifetime of use. And being proud of doing so.

Local, National and Overseas

An early junction in our decision making was the choice of local vs national vs overseas partners. This is often presented as an either/or scenario. We see this differently.

As our ultimate goal is to build a commercially successful, sustainable brand, we take an uncompromising view on ethics, fair trading and humanitarian interests. This applies to whoever we work with, wherever.

Our first question was to find the right ingredients – can we find the right ingredients close to home at the right quality & cost? Who’s investing in sustainable technology & innovation for the future? Some of this we found locally, some of it nationally and the overseas.

Once we found the ingredients we wanted to use, we searched for production partners close by, to add value locally, wherever local is.

The result of this journey so far is a small group of specialists with 1 thing in common – a focus on sustainable quality. All have gone out of their way for us in the run up to our launch. Because they believe in Millican as much as we do.

We can’t thank them enough.