Materials We Use

First Up

Let’s be clear about any sustainability reference you’ll find on our site – 100% sustainability doesn’t really exist in our world today.  We realise that.  All our materials require natural resources to be produced, processed and shipped, as do everyone else’s.

It’s therefore all about degrees of sustainability and our efforts to make informed choices in favour of sustainability where we can. The more we learn about the impact of our own choices, the more we realise we don’t know enough yet.  So we’ll continue to research, learn and adapt.

By sharing this ongoing journey we hope to inspire you to learn more and to join the growing ranks of consumers out there who simply want to know.  Transparency on our part means clarity on your part.  That can only be a good thing.

Material Choices

Proven utility shapes ask for proven utility fabrics.  Just look at old mountaineering photographs and you realise cotton, wool and leather have long played an important role in mountaineering and the outdoors, as has polyester in more recent decades.

Revisiting those materials and using modern technology to upgrade their sustainability has resulted in a unique set of materials for Millican products.

To help us make better decisions, we joined RITE (Reducing the Impact of Textiles on the Environment) in our first month of business.  Good job really, because there’s a bewildering array of material choices to make and certifications to consider when it comes to fabrics and supply chains.