Who We Are

Our adventure together started way back in the early 90s, on the border of Ecuador and Peru. We crossed paths as travellers in the sleepy town of Vilcabamba and travelled together for two years.

We saw so many things and connected with so many people – every part of that journey opened our eyes to the world. Eventually, we returned to the UK and swapped our packs for family life, jobs, bricks and mortar.

Truth is, we got swamped. Swamped with stuff, swamped with life in the suburbs. How did two backpackers let this happen?

We needed to breathe again. So we packed up and moved to the English Lake District – a decision that changed our lives in so many more ways than we expected.

We didn’t get it right at first. We swapped a routine in the city for a routine in the Lake District, and very nearly got swamped all over again. So, we decided to quit the routine for a year and see what would happen.

Fresh air, open views and a slower pace of life gave us space to rediscover our passions – spending time outdoors, understanding the environment, exploring our world.

But one story changed our journey for good.

Millican Dalton is a local legend in the Lake District. In the early 1900s, he quit his conventional 9-5 routine in London to pursue a life in the open. In fact, he lived in a cave in the Borrowdale Valley – not far from Millican HQ. Millican lived simply in tune with nature. He made his own gear and focussed only on what he needed to enjoy the freedom of living.

Now, we’ve never really wanted to live in a cave. But we were inspired by Millican Dalton’s maverick streak – his conscious choice to live life his own way, to challenge conventional thinking. Millican chose experience over material gain – he inspired us to do the same.

So, we decided to make bags. Bags that will help others leave the clutter of life behind, to live their own adventures. And we make our bags with a difference.

Jorrit & Nicky

Co-Founders of Millican

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