Millican Dalton

We named our company after Lake District legend Millican Dalton.

Moving from London to Cumbria in the early 1900s, he traded a flat in the Big Smoke for a cave in Borrowdale Valley. Smart move for a man who was into sustainable living way before it became a CSR buzzword.

In fact, he spent his entire life in the outdoors and was completely self-sufficient. Well, almost. He did make a weekly trek to a shop in Keswick for coffee but we can forgive him for that, can’t we? He even made his own organic clothing, tents and rucksacks.


Millican Dalton at High Lodore Camp

Millican Dalton

As self-proclaimed “Professor of Adventure,” he spent his daylight hours taking paying guests on rock climbing and mountaineering expeditions around the Lake District.

Inevitably, every trip would end the same way – with hours of philosophising and storytelling around the campfire. He had an opinion on everything but not in a knee-jerk sort of way. He was a deep thinker and would write his thoughts down in his notebook or in letters he’d post from Rosthwaite.

Millican Dalton’s life-story offers a wealth of inspiration for the modern day adventurer. For him, he felt true freedom when he was living simply out in nature.

We feel the same way.