"I am at the edge...somewhere deeper in myself...”

So ends a poem you'll find lost amid these pages – and it touches on much of what this issue seems to revolve around: the unpredictable enriching that bicycles bring to life. 

Smells and sounds. Newness and nostalgia. Lust for life kicks, pell-mell pelting against the clock, riding with newborns and new limbs, meanderings in Lesotho, Zanzibar, China and beyond, and a powerful reminder that cycling is so much more than a sport: this issue embraces the somewhere deeper, reaching for the serendipitous mystery that life on two wheels can become. It's escape and belonging, it's togetherness and solitude, it's sensory salvation.


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  • 100 pages - perfect bound
  • No adverts


  • 24 x 17cm, 150gms

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  • Words, photography and illustration from around the world
  • Bike-related stories of freedom, friendship and adventure
  • Coverwork by Riccardo Guasco